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Yes but cant get past the robot code .not being accepted. I ordered a dress 19 days ago and only now they have contacted me to tell me its out of stock!!! Its paid for!!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You will not get a refund. You will only get excuses that their system is down and unable to process refunds.

I ordered items back in March of 2017. Received only part of the order. After waiting for the remainder of my order, I contacted company via email. The remainder of my order was out of stock.

Since it had taken a couple of months, I requested a refund of the balance of my order. It is now October, 2017. I've received only excuses--not a refund.

Buyer beware. If you're looking for a refund--forget about it.

Fashionmia Response #1381653

Thanks for your kindly reply. Please tell us your order number.

Then we will check and help you better. Thanks.

Fashionmia Response #1381317

Dear Customer

Thank you for your order and post here, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused, would you please offer us your order number to Angie.wang@orderplus.com so that we can confirm with relevant department quickly.

Thank you for your kind support and cooperation.


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