Milpitas, California

They claim they never received my items after 6 weeks, I had to pay $25 to ship back to China! It only took 10 for my shipment to get to me.

The clothes looked NOTHING like the pictures, very cheap quality, sizes were all different. Please, do NOT order from this company.. If you return, you never will get your money back! They said to follow return instructions, email them, get return #, return in 30 days, I did everything plus emailed them a photo of my tracking # from the US Postal Service.

I cant believe they never received!!! Everybody needs to share one of their Facebook post WARNING ppl NOT to buy

Product or Service Mentioned: Fashionmia Shirt.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I have had no end of trouble with this company. Do not order from them you will not be happy with the items quality is very substandard.

I placed an order in Jan 2019 they did not sent all my order as some were out of stock though charged me for everything. I never got a refund for the out of stock items total goods I ordered was £278 worth of tat. The rest of my order took over 3 months to arrive. I emailed to say that I wished to cancel the order in Feb but was told it had already left for delivery.

I then emailed again to say I wished to return the items once I had received them and was told the address to return them but I needed to track to them, it cost me £77 to return the items.

Today I received the returned parcel back today unopened. I'am bloody furious and I am now unable to email them as it's coming up as an error.


Terrible I received a dress completely different and it is impossible to gave back ! Paola


Totally agree with everything you said. It happened to me.


please do not buy anything from fashionmia. customer service is terrible, do not reply to your emails, just keep sending emails with different names( English names). There are very good quality cloths in the UK, why buy rubbish from on line.


I dont i wanna order from THESE PEOPLE @ FASHION MIA. or from PERFEHAIR!

I ordered wig way n February n i how not gotten anytg. The reason i mentioned the wigs IS because i think THEY ALL WORK 2GETHER. Ive been ROBBED, even with fashion mia, i called them almost 2 wks ago just 2 get the right return address, i have gotten a response n IM UPSET!

Love their clothes because they r nice n affordable. But WE SHOULDN'T B TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!


My clothes are all too small. Cannot get a hold of anyone. No 800 number, and they will not return my emails.Horrible customer service.


I ordered what I thought was a 'cute dress'. It came in today, and it is more like a size extra small compression top.My email says to pay $2.50...what for?

How do I return my compression top dress?

FashionMia says they will send me an long does THAT take? I have only 30 days to return it.


yes it is true this company called Fashionmia are nothing but fraudulent they lied a lots we purchased an item worth $75 and it was never delivered after a longtime waiting we contacted them we want our money back they apologised and promised to process the refund but up till now they just kept on lying upon lies that they just came back from christmas but i will never give up i will fight for my refund until justice is done i will report to the neccessary governing know this criminous act being commited.


Sai009,Have you received your refund yet?I purchased clothes and sent them all back because they were such terrible quality, emailed them don't know how many times and they promised each time.. this has been going on now for over 8 months...

i received an email yesterday saying the following"Our company is not presently able to handle any kind of refund presently because, of some financial problems."They are now wanting me to pay another $3.56 and they will resend my order!!!I am NOT interested on ever seeing those clothes again they are the worst clothes i have ever seen...

and now they are telling me that i wont get my refund... that is $244 down the drain!


I cannot get them to pick up the phone or to call me back. Where do I return item?

And, I agree, the clothes look very professional in the photo, and to my surprise the clothes were made in China.

Had I known it was coming from China, I WOULD HAVE NEVER purchased these cheap in perfected pieces of cloth. VERY DISAPPOINTED.


I too am Very Upset with them! I ordered clothes from them, run Very small, cheaply made.

I returned them to address I was given from Angie ***

They say they Never got the returned items & will Not give me refund!

Disgusted to say the least! Let's get a class action lawsuit going!


After two months fashionmia still won't refund me for my dress- I think they are scamming me and others, it's a disgrace that we can't do anything about it, they are based in China but returns are in California, it cost me over £8 to send my dress back too.


I return my item back to get a bigger size, I have not hear from them. I paid $12.75 to return the item.

I guess they want to keep the item and money to, that is not going to happen . I will talk to my lawyer which I have proof that they have received the item.


How do we all go about getting refunded? Who do we contact? I had the exact problem as you guys!


There must be a code of conduct who monitor online companies surely?.


I have the same experience. I'm waiting for over four months.

So far, they return my messages but it take a very long time for a refund.

For 300$.


I had the same experience - complete scam. Never got a refund for the items I returned nor for the item they did NOT send.