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The clothing from FashionMia is laughably bad. In fact, the dress I ordered is the lowest quality piece of clothing I have ever received.

It arrived with a broken zipper, the polyester fabric is similar to the fabric they used to make little girl nightgowns out of in the 80s that was super flammable. The dress was supposed to be "midi" but came to my knee and I am not a tall girl. As bad as the dress is, the customer service is worse. I was told it would take a "very long time" to get a refund, and that would be only after I returned the item and provided a tracking number for shipping.

Guess what? It costs $49 at USPS to do that.

Fortunately I paid through PayPal and was given a partial refund, but avoid FashionMia. It is a total scam.

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Fashionmia Response

Dear customer, Thanks for your order on our website. We are really sorry for the inconvenience to you.

I have checked your order and sent an email to you.

Could you please check your inbox later? If you have any questions, please reach out to comment@orderplus.com Fashionmia