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I have ordered from them prior and usually they would allow me to replace the item they claim is out of stock with another of equal value this time someone by the name Kitty took it upon herself to cancel my order she claims is out of stock and didn't even allow me the option to replace it with other items of equal value nor a refund I have been going back and forth with them trying to at least get replacement items in place of items I paid for and have not received and to add insult to injury they have the nerve to ask for extra money to send items which I paid to get shipped express already not only is that illegal they post on their site do not give extra money or credit card info to anyone asking for additional fees cause its fraudulently yet they are holding my money hostage and trying to illegal solicit extra money from me! !

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Dear Customer Thank you for your order and sharing. We are sorry to let you wait for such a long time. we have checked this order and sent an email to you, please check your inbox then let us know if anything you need our assistance :) Thank you FashionMia

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