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Resolved: FashionMia will not transfer my money to my PayPal as promised

Updated by user Aug 30, 2018

After five months and some number of frustrated emails, the entire amount of the refund was finally transferred to my Pay Pal. For that at least, I am thankful.

(I must note that FashionMia Customer Support responded to everyone of my emails, albeit with excuses for the delay and promises to resolve the issue. Until it was resolved, that is.) Thanks to everyone who commented. I have seen quite a few negative reviews in regards to the store, unfortunately. I myself am definitely over compulsively clicking on pop up advertisements and adventurous online shopping from new unknown companies.

It is uncertain how successful international consumer agencies (such as are in helping individuals at this point.

I hope they will be in the future because online shopping is here to stay, it seems, and with it, problems of long distance communication/transactions (as well as opportunities for scammers). To all who are currently experiencing difficulties with FashionMia or any other company, my best wishes for resolutions.

Original review Aug 12, 2018
On April 9, 2018, I requested to transfer my money in the amount of $178.44, which FashionMia held in something they call "My Wallet" to my PayPal account I originally used to pay for my purchases from their store. Their website promises that the money would be returned to PayPal upon customer's request. To this day, however, my money was not returned to my PayPal account! On May 15, 2018, I also requested to transfer the remaining in "My Wallet," $28.75, to my PayPal account. This amount did not appear back on my PayPal either. I have received emails from FashionMia assuring me that the delays would be resolved and the store is working on the issues, etc. I am being scammed!
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  • Transfer my money back to paypal
  • Exchange cancellation and refund policy
Reason of review:
Problems with payment

I've had the same problem getting my refund 6 month later they are telling me they cant give me a refund because it be out too long. I emailed them every few weeks asking for a refund and nothing.

this company is a rip off. Try reaching out to the International Consumer Protection for help. you can find them on line. "The FTC also supports, a project sponsored by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network ICPEN and consumer agencies in more than 35 countries.

Consumers can use to report cross-border complaints. Enforcement agencies can use those complaints to investigate fraud."


"Dear Customer Thank you for your order and post here, we are sorry for the delay and inconvenience caused, would you please offer us your order number and the problem with your order to comment@***.com so that we can confirm with relevant department and solve your problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your kind support and cooperation. FashionMia "

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Marina N Xhd

I love this website

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Reason of review:
Fast order processing

fashion mia is a BIGG SCAM : NO#1--I placed my order on 5/18, the of the order status is still in processing. NO #2- I want to cancel this order due to items not being shipped, however I cant seem to contact your 24/7 customer service . ONLY A RECORDING This is very POOR SERVICE.

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Thank you for your affection in Fashionmia, which means everything to us.Welcome visiting us again.We exist for you forever.