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Update by user May 22, 2018

FINAL UPDATE (5/22/2018) I mentioned earlier today, "I posted this same review for practically every FashionMia VIDEO that I could find." However, none of the reviews showed up within so many FashionMia YouTube videos, and it made me wonder if FashionMia was behind it. It is what it is. I've done my best, and I now let it go and trust Spirit within that such matters will be taken care of in Divine perfect timing and order.

Update by user May 22, 2018

I just posted four pics of the almost $29 dress I mentioned receiving (only 2 of 13 items)---Round Neck Lotus Printed Pocket Shift Dress. The pics reveal the following: - very poor stitching - cheap material that looks and feels like a ROUGH curtain (which explains why when you zoom in on the actual picture, it's a bit blurry; pretty clever of them, but NOT intelligent) - I'm 4'9 and 110 lbs, and I ordered a medium dress that was the smallest size available, and I didn't mind a comfortable fit; BUT IT'S STILL too short and a bit tight around the chest and arms.

After reading SO MANY NEGATIVE REVIEWS (after my purchase) about FashionMia being a SCAM and FRAUD--to include habitually not giving people their partial to full orders AND/OR refunds---I decided that it's not worth sending it back while paying additional, international shipping charges.

I wasted almost $29 on a dress made by a deceptive company---PLUS more money on the majority of products I STILL haven't received yet----but you don't need to make the same mistake. There are plenty of other great deals out there from legit and professional companies.

Update by user May 22, 2018

I forgot to mention that the title for the most recent UPDATE below is: "FashionMia's INEVITABLE DOWNFALL. Also STOP MANIPULATING CHILDREN”

Update by user May 22, 2018

UPDATE (5/22/2018) My previous, negative review for fraudulent FashionMia is titled,“Let's Respect & Love Self, KNOW Our Divine Worth, & Realize We Deserve MUCH Better." I posted this same review for practically every FashionMia VIDEO that I could find. I made it my mission to further spread the truth because WAY TOO MANY people throughout the world have been screwed over by them; and if I can contribute in any way, FashionMia WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THEIR ONGOING SCAMS.

Their corrupt ways ultimately stem from their closed minds and hearts, so they are unable to to sympathize (with their logical minds), let alone deeply empathize (with their integrated Mind/Heart) the injustice, shock, frustrations, betrayal, pain, anger, rage, sadness, depression, and/or apathy that interconnected others feel. However COMMA I trust that their moment of truth will come in Divine perfect timing and order. FashionMia will eventually learn---apparently the hard way rather than the easy way---that how they mistreat others will, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, circle back to them. WHY?

Because ALL of Life (All That Is)---to include souls---within this Universe and beyond is energetically connected (EVERYTHING is made of energy); hence, the famous, universal "Golden Rule" saying throughout various cultures, religions, other belief systems, and simply, wise/Unconditional Love-based spiritual and ancient mystical teachings (all expressed in slightly different ways, but having the same, core meaning). FashionMia, may you all WAKE UP to who you truly are (as souls), and finally make up to others---that you've caused so much harm to---how you would appreciate being treated as a human being. DO NOT continue to manipulate women (of all ages)---and ESPECIALLY LITTLE GIRLS---by sending them free items in order to receive good reviews via YouTube videos. It's one thing to be habitually DECEPTIVE and break the hearts of adult souls, but it's downright CRUEL to crush the hearts of innocent children with your fraudulent ways.

If you ignore this message as well---the most compassionate message you will ever receive from a former customer who's been screwed over by you----then I strongly sense that your business will spiral down like a raging whirlpool. You will end up weeping from the depths of your soul, and you will INTENSELY FEEL the collective heartache that you have created by your LACK of caring.

Update by user May 20, 2018

This morning (5/20/2018), after receiving an email from sitejabber to update more info for this review, I noticed that the star rating switched from the 1 star that I gave yesterday to a 2 star. After clicking on the "details" link, it was understandable; however, the level of horrible service from FashionMia justifies a 1 star rating though sitejabber doesn't give you the option to change it.

Update by user May 20, 2018

The dress that arrived (with a necklace) were the only two items that I received since I paid for 13 products in March '18, and the dress didn't really look like the picture, and the quality was poor.

Original review posted by user May 19, 2018

I initially shared this review via sitejabber:

If you don't believe that this review can apply to you...think again. When ANY business habitually mistreats people, then it's only a matter of time before they get to you.

Ongoing mistreatment is a form of abuse towards interconnected souls---regardless of whether it's towards children, adults, or even the elderly---and continually IGNORING PEOPLE (to include customers) is a form of EMOTIONAL ABUSE.

I'm NOT the first person FashionMia has continually ignored and mistreated, and I guarantee you, I won't be the last. Unfortunately, I read many similar, negative reviews AFTER I placed my order.

I placed my order in March, and now it's almost June, and I've only received 2 out of 13 of the items I ordered (almost $90).

I've emailed them several times, but they IGNORE the details of my messages, and just reply with insincere statements like, "We will send it later" or "Please be patient."

How much more patient is a customer supposed to be? There are plenty of international businesses out there that deliver in a reasonable amount of time.

FashionMia is beyond UNreasonable, and they're basically insulting;THEY ARE VERY QUICK TO TAKE YOUR MONEY, but when it comes to delivering, they're nothing but empty promises AND the avoidance game.

If FashionMia can't handle keeping their word, then they don't need to be running a business PERIOD.

I've asked (and even demanded) for a refund FOUR times, but once again, FashionMia IGNORED my messages.

It's completely understandable to get excited about low prices, discounts and sales; but at what price? Is it truly worth having companies like FashionMia continually disrespect and mistreat interconnected souls? Of course not.

I'd much rather love myself unconditionally---which includes respecting self---shop elsewhere, pay extra, have great quality clothes or other products, and receive great customer service that MANY companies out there are willing to give.

Life lesson learned:

When we habitually think and live with a poor person's mentality (aka poverty consciousness), then we will always be poor, always looking for the cheapest things, and/or barely making ends meet with a MEGA LOAD of debt.

AND, we will only attract to us LIKE ENERGIES (due to Law of Attraction), like people with poor character, poor quality products, and poor treatment.

However COMMA when we develop a habit of thinking and living with an abundant person's mentality (aka PROSPERITY Consciousness)---especially accepting, embracing, and even deeply loving more and more aspects of ourselves (which helps us to fully do so for others)---then we will attract to us LIKE ENERGIES/various forms of abundance, such as: more money (even financial freedom), authentic people with character, good quality products, and respectful and kind treatment.mpectful and kind treatment.

I realized that I deserve much better than companies like FashionMia, and I will never purchase from them again.

I wish for my interconnected soul brothers and sisters to also realize their Divine self-worth---a soul’s birthright/gift from the I AM / aka I (God) AM (Goddess) PRESENCE/ultimately, the Holy Spirit/Source/Prime Creator/Creator of All Creation/Crop Circle 6666/DIVINE ANCIENT MOTHER GODDESS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fashionmia Dress.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Fashionmia Cons: Very misleading website, Unethical, I have not gotten my refund, Customer service often ignores details of emails.

  • Deceptive Business Practice
  • Avoid Giving Refunds
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Dear CustomerThank you for your order and post here.We are sorry to let you wait for such a long time.We have sent you an email about the order status to your email address you left in our site, would you please check your inbox? Thank you.FashionMia

@Fashionmia Response

Since FashionMia has a tendency to take action ONLY after they notice a negative review on major sites (such as this one) , not only did I reply to their useless email, but I'm also sharing the following info:SO TIRED OF THE SAME OLD, SAD-@$$ EXCUSES, TO INCLUDE (their most recent email):- "Since it is an international shipping from Hongkong, It will need 10-20 working days more for shipping on delivery. Please wait patiently and hope you receive it early." [WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

ONCE AGAIN, I ORDERED AND PAID IN MARCH, AND NOW IT'S ALMOST JUNE. THERE IS NO MORE PATIENCE.]- "The two items in your order have been cancelled as your will" [BECAUSE YOU STILL HADN'T SHIPPED IT OUT EVEN THOUGH IT'S ALMOST JUNE, AND I PAID FOR IT IN MARCH!! AND WHY ONLY CANCEL 2 ITEMS WHEN I ASKED FOR A FULL REFUND FOUR TIMES?]- "_____ is a hot seller, it takes a longer time than usual to process." [SO WHY NOT BE HONEST, AND ACTUALLY INFORM CUSTOMERS ON THE WEBSITE THAT THIS ITEM TAKES LONGER?! OR EVEN INFORM ME WEEKS OR A MONTH LATER, NOT NOW!]- "If you are willing to wait, we will ship it out in first priority once it is ready later" [LATER WHEN?!

SIX MONTHS TO A YEAR FROM NOW?].- "And we would like to give you a cash coupon $4 for your next purchase" [#1) WHY WOULD I WANT A FREAKIN, MEASLY $4 CASH COUPON? AND #2 ) WHY WOULD I (OR ANYONE ELSE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND) WANT TO SHOP FROM YOUR INCOMPETENT COMPANY AGAIN?]- "If you need it urgently, we suggest that you could choose another item to replace. If you like this option, please give me product link and color,size. I can replace for you." [URGENTLY?!