This is my 2nd order and my satisfaction level still low. Ordered overcoat, saw the picture on website look so good and see what I got then you decides, the one I got look like no skill to do job, hmm very disappointed.

Also the waits time very long, it said on website 7-15 business days but I notice that from my 2 orders it took time about 40-45 days to receives all items

My current order place on 11/11/15 today 12/10/15 I only got 2 items out of 5.

The quality and sizing are never reach my standard, even though the chart size show, every item same size I measured it and it came out difference, that meant in the factory they didn't do a good job at all. That why this is will be my l last order.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Fashionmia Cons: Sizing, Picture on website and real product not match.

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I agree on their delivery time is way too long. I have ordered a few orders and my items take forever to arrive.

However, all my dresses are lovely. I simply wish they would deliver their orders quicker.


Items look nice on website but product received is of extremely poor quality. Sizing is off - think Asian petite, size L is like size 8-10 US...will not purchase again. Buyer beware - prices are low for a very good reason...




what the eff is THAT?!? Not at all like the picture they showed on their website. Sorry that you were scammed by this piece of *** company too.


Oh wow...TY for posting this and saving me time, frustration, money...when it's too good to be true, it is! I need to unlike this site on FB asap - TY!


I couldn't stop comparing those two pictures until the laughter coming out of me was under control! I just keep picturing my wife's face as she's opening the box, if I had ordered her that coat!

It's so awful, it's tempting to get one as a *** gift!(Keeping a very nice coat waiting on the side to get me out of hot water, of course!) You must have been just stunned seeing it! (There I go laughing again..!!!)

Thank you for keeping me from being beat up and sleeping on the couch. And for the laughs, too. Oh man...

I was about to order that same coat, and a couple of others as well. I'm off to the mall to get what I'm paying for.


this is so so so bad, i was about making my orders but was scared paying online cux of frauds, i decide checking if it real to my big surprise......... i've been reading baddest compliment about fashionmia that its to say its no go area. thank u my father for saving me.


I ordered that same coat and what I got looks just like yours. I will never order from them again.

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