Does anybody want to start a class action lawsuit against Fashionmia?


Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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I think we should begin One!!


Yes. Write the Federal Trade Commission. They will investigate.


DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM, 7-10 day shipping is a lie ive been waiting 26 days so far, thry do not answer emails, i cant tell you of the quality bcuz i havent received anyyhing and the items they cl as im are somewhere in the US are untrackable through usps, 2 other items are still "processing" im guessing what i get will b *** and the rest will never come so pissed off. $150 down the *** drain.

P.s. i dont have $150 to throw away.


*** yes id love too!!! I cannot believe this sites getting away with this ***!!!!


For the person who asked why and was thinking about ordering from this site, this is how it goes- they have beautiful pictures, you pick your outfit, you order it, they say you're going to get them in 5 to 10 days. 15 days later they're still not even done processing which means they're still not even on their way.

there's no phone number on their site, and when you think you found a phone number it is for a company in Denver or and that company has nothing to do with fashion Mia.com and has a prerecorded message saying so. So there's no way to reach these people. you send them emails, you get nothing back. when you finally get one piece of the package without the rest a month and a half later it looks nothing like the picture.

I"mean generally and extra large but since it was and it was a coat I ordered a triple XL to be on the safe side , it doesn't fit my roommate and she is a size 8, now there's no way to return it and there is no response to my email.

it's the cheapest thing I've ever seen. do not order from here


I'm in my email mkeeley81@***.com


Fashionmia is a scam!! I made a purchase in Nov 25th, I haven't received anything yet and from this website someone stole my credit information for made expensives purchases.

My bank is investigating about it. BE CAREFUL...DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!



Here is my email: sdimoska@***.com


Can I ask why? I'm trying to figure out weather to buy from them or not and I want to know is its a scam or not.

I have been reading some mixed reviews and I am honestly torn.

I found some cute dresses but I don't know I I should get them or not, is it a scam?


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