They have the right idea maybe they got these thousand of pictures of nice clothing somewhere else and they try to cheaply replicate the items with their eyes closed...i received the wrong size it was poorly made, falling apart and fit horribly.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Bellevue, Washington

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Kue you must be out of your mind. how dare you try to insult someone with such a gorgeous body.

you should be ashamed of yourself. I bet seems your father owns this chappy company


You all are pathetic. It makes me ashamed that I came to America in the first place! That's why all americans are lazy and fat....because you defend fat people!!


I did not post that, but I agree, lol.


I hope trump gets rid of you kuei :) we dont need your trash


I see many of your comments on these posts and they're all the same. Whining about "fat Americans".

It's pretty sad that this is what you choose to do with your time. It's even sadder that people like you are allowed to come and leach off of my country.

I speak for all of us when I say that we won't be at all sorry if you take yourself back to whatever *** country you come from. We don't need nor want you here.


Yeah, I've seen way worse knockoffs...maybe it's just hard to tell in the picture or something, but I think it looks like the same exact jacket, just in a larger size, so of course it's gonna fan out a little differently. Buying clothes online is always a gamble. Might wanna try in-store next time.


Well that looks gross! Was just on there considering ordering that in camel colour for the gf.

All seemed too good to be true and a quick Google finds this.

Not sure that style would have suited you anyway but the quality looks god-awful!!!

Def not the item pictured.



That advertized coat is for a skinny woman. You need to shop in a big woman's catalog.


this website is for grown adults. until you get your big boy pants, kindly *** off.


...Says the fat woman shopping in the little girl section.


How rude are you? She is not fat at all...

To whomever posted this review, I'm so sorry this *** is trying to make you feel bad about yourself. Ignore people like this. And to you Kuei - you must not have been raised right.

But karma will come around and get you somehow. Shame on you for trying to make a complete stranger feel horrible about her body.


Ur so rude. I've been reading through these comments on all unsatisfied customers and you appear to be justifying this evil act of ripping people off their genuinely made money for clothes that are not a true representation of items pictures posted.

Pls get a life and tuck in ur mouth if you have no sympathy or if you are so unethical. I'm not an American but I bet you that sometimes these are simply some of those mistakes we foreigners do things that makes people abhor us when we migrate to their home countries. You sure must be one of those whom Trump is referring to. Being ethical in all we do is very simple.

It doesn't cost to be truthful in ur business. These Rosegale, Sammy dress and modily.com need to stop all these their scam.

So sorry for ur loss dear. Just try to avoid these good for nothing cheap websites


Your not very nice. Imagine someone talking to your daughter that way (if you had or have one)


Nobody would tell my daughter that because my daughter is not fat.


You're an ***. First, re-read the part of her complaint where she states the coat was the wrong size.

Obviously the coat is big on her and she even stated that it fit horribly. Second, take a look at her thin arms and legs.

Does she look "big" to you? Learn to pay attention to detail.


Amen to that!


Look at those knock knees, that tree-trunk neck and that gut bulging below the belt. She is chubby, and trying to blame it on the coat.


Ignorant. Like I said... Shame on you.

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