Ordered 18 June 2018

Website said would take 3 - 5 weeks

Every week a different excuse or a change in tracking number as to why not received

Lodged a complaint with Paypal and the items magically turned up 10 days later via air mail (late October 2018)

The garments were not acceptable so I contacted for a refund and was told no refund until I closed my complaint with Paypal.

Closed my complaint and sent back items (note that it cost approx. $35 to return items to China.

Checked tracking and they received garments 11 November

Then came further excuses including:-

* cant do refund as no longer use Paypal payment channel - lie

* wont do refund until Paypal case closed - closed before items returned

* haven't received returned items - tracking proves otherwise

Latest excuse is finance dept wants to do all refunds together at the end of January

Do not order anything from this website - they are a joke

Here is the latest email:-

As you have noted yourself – I have waited a long time.

The order was done 18 June 2018 which took over 4 months to get to me (your website indicated 3 – 5 weeks). Then I send the unacceptable items back which you received in November 2018. Then came all the excuses like haven’t received the returned items (tracking showed otherwise), can’t refund via the payment method (I paid through Paypal, which your website still supports) so you will give me credit voucher (NO, I will never buy from you again) and now you ask me to wait until the end of January for the refund because the financial department wants to do them all together at the end of January???

Not acceptable, not any of it, not even close

What sort of game are you playing with people’s money. What is the next excuse you will come up with?

I want compensation. I want the full amount I paid back ie AUD $80.00. via Paypal IMMEDIATELY I think that is fair. I will still be out of pocket by the postage amount I paid to return unacceptable items to you.

Remedy this immediately or I will seek a refund through my financial institution and they will recover the AUD $80.00 entire payment


Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Catherine from Fashionmia.com

Sent: Saturday, 19 January 2019 11:47 PM

To: ---@gmail.com

Subject: Re: RE: Re: Re: Re: Re: Where is my refund? Order B2366103

Dear Customer,

We have asked our colleague to speed up the processing.

We got notice that they will deal with all of refunds together at the end of Jan. I know you have been waiting for long time and I can totally understand your feeling.

Please don't worry and wait for more days, I can guarantee you will get your refund.

Best regards,


Customer Service Team


Product or Service Mentioned: Fashionmia Shipping Service.

Fashionmia Cons: Endless excuses - waiting on refund from 18 june 2018, Accounting system they dont track your purchase, Delivery.

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I have checked my emails and telling me that because i paid for the order more than y months aho essentially means a longer processing time as uou cant refund via my payment method of Paypal IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. SEND MY REFUND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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